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How to create an app like Spotify: Step-by-step guide

Author: John Murphy

Have you ever thought of developing an application like Spotify? Here is how you can get it done! Picture having an app which allows the users to search for and listen to music online at any time. This is not just an illusion; it is indeed achievable! So here are the steps with or without a technical background; we will explain how to do it. It will be as simple as possible, as entertaining as possible, and as helpful as possible. Are you preparing to amplify your next big project and make it even more effective? Let's dive into How to create an app like Spotify?

What is the nature of an Application like Spotify?

Spotify is an example of a music application, an online music streaming service through which users can stream and play music based on specific tracks, albums, playlists, and podcasts. An application of this type works similarly to the widely known Spotify music application. Key features include:

Streaming Music Library

- The service offers users an extensive library of tens of millions of songs and a collection of various artists, albums, and music genres.

- The convenience of listening to music through internet streaming as opposed to the need to download songs/albums.

Playlists and Radio

- It provides users the ability to build playlists of songs, albums, or artists.

- Playlist pre-loaded for specific genres, activities, moods, years, etc.

- A radio feature that plays a sequence of songs similar to the music, artist, or genre provided.

Social Sharing

- It connects with social networks where the user can follow people and check what song they are currently listening to.

- It allows users to share playlists, albums, or stations with others and can also suggest music to a friend.

Available Across Devices

- The availability of your service on the web, mobile (Android, iOS), TV platforms, and other devices.

- Enables the continuity of listening on any device, thus allowing users to resume listening to the last song or playlist played.

Additional Features

- Offline listening is available in case of network restrictions or lack of internet connection.

- Family subscriptions that enable several users to use one account

- High quality of audio streaming.

- Concert details, exclusive videos, and much more

Are media streaming apps a good investment?

The media streaming service industry has rapidly grown in the past few years. Research has established that over 14 percent of music streaming applications are used daily, and the market is expected to grow at a rate of 14.7 CAGR between 2020 and 2030. This makes streaming apps a very viable business to venture into.

Spotify is the market leader in music streaming, with a well-known brand and over 150 million premium users. Additional market participants include Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tencent Music Entertainment, YouTube Music, NetEase Music, Deezer, and Yandex Music. These companies have registered millions of dedicated customers and are still increasing their content databases and penetrating new territories.

Furthermore, features such as fifth-generation networks (5G), virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are being incorporated into various streaming services. For instance, MelodyVR provides live concerts for viewers through Virtual Reality using VR headsets. This innovation offers a business development opportunity to investors and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas on how to seize these trends.

As the consumer uptake of on-demand music and video streaming services continues to rise, this sector remains promising. Although this presents opportunities for entry into the market and competition with tech giants, it also poses risks. Therefore, it is crucial for investors to understand the opportunities and challenges of investing in media streaming companies or apps. However, the streaming market is quite promising for those with distinct products based on new technologies.

How to create an app like Spotify

Creating a music app like Spotify involves a mix of creativity, technology, and user experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide: How to create an app like Spotify?

Identify Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

What makes your apps like Spotify different? Focus on what sets your app apart from competitors.

Offer unique features like AI-based music recommendations, interactive lyrics, or personalized radio stations.

Highlight aspects that attract your target audience, such as exclusive content or user-friendly design.

Research Your Market

Analyze competitors like Spotify, Apple Music, and others to understand what they offer and identify gaps you can fill.

Conduct surveys and focus groups to understand user needs and preferences.

Use this data to shape your app’s features and design.

The App Strategy

Define Your Target Audience

Who will use your app? Consider age groups, music preferences, and geographic locations. Tailor your app to meet the specific needs of your audience.

Create user personas to guide your design and development process.

This helps you understand and cater to your users’ preferences.

Monetization Model

Decide how you will generate revenue. Consider freemium models to attract more users while offering premium features for a fee.

Explore other revenue streams like partnerships, sponsored playlists, and in-app purchases for exclusive content.

Choose between free ads or subscription-based models.

Content Licensing

Secure licenses from record labels. This is crucial for a music streaming app. Without proper licensing, you can’t legally stream music.

Negotiate deals for exclusive content to attract more users.

Ensure all legal aspects are covered to avoid future complications.

The Prototyping


Create wireframes for your app’s layout. These are basic sketches of your app’s design, focusing on user navigation and interface.

Use tools like Sketch or Figma to create detailed wireframes.

Visualize the app’s structure and user flow.

User Interface (UI) Design

User interfaces are a critical component of any software application, and creating an intuitive interface can be a complex process.

Design clear wireframes and prototypes to organize key features on your site and in your applications. It is also advisable to perform usability testing to ensure the UI/UX is optimized as much as possible.

Design a visually appealing interface that is user-friendly and intuitive. The design should be simple yet engaging.

Focus on elements like color schemes, typography, and iconography.

These play a crucial role in your app's overall look and feel.

User Experience (UX) Testing

Conduct usability tests with real users. Collect feedback and make necessary adjustments. This helps identify and fix issues early on.

Use tools like Hotjar or UsabilityHub for UX testing.

Gather valuable insights into user behavior and preferences.

The Development Process

Choose the Right Technology Stack

How to create an app like Spotify? Choose technologies that support scalability and performance.

Backend: Python, Node.js for server-side operations.

Frontend: React Native and Swift for a smooth user interface.

Development Phases

Build your app in phases, ensuring each part is tested and functional.

Backend Development: Set up servers, databases, and APIs.

Frontend Development: Build the user interface and integrate it with the backend.

Integration of Features

Incorporate essential features like music streaming, playlist creation, and social sharing.

Music streaming: Implement high-quality streaming capabilities.

Playlist creation: Allow users to create and share playlists.

Social sharing: Enable users to share music on social media platforms.


Perform rigorous testing to ensure smooth functionality—test for bugs, performance issues, and security vulnerabilities.

Use automated testing tools and beta testing with a group of users.

Gather feedback and improve the app based on user input.

The App Launch

Marketing Strategy

The final process in How to create an app like Spotify? is marketing your app to get users for your application. Follow up on onboarding strategies if you want to enhance staff turnover. You are introducing the segmentation and analysis of data to optimize the user experience. Create a buzz before the launch. Use social media, influencers, and email campaigns to generate interest.

Offer early access or beta versions to a select group of users.

Build anticipation and gather initial feedback.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Optimize your app’s title, description, and keywords. Use appealing screenshots and videos to attract users.

Encourage users to leave positive reviews and ratings.

Improve your app’s visibility and credibility.

Post-Launch Activities

Monitor user feedback: Continuously provide new features and improvements to the app based on users’ feedback.

It is wise to analyze users' data to know how your application is being used.

Below are some points to consider while enhancing and extending your app with better features.

Customer Support

Provide excellent customer support. To keep users engaged, solve problems in the same session.

Organize an exclusive support staff.

You can use programs like Zendesk or Freshdesk to improve customer service management.

Understanding How to create an app like Spotify is a daunting task, yet it is a very rewarding one. So, it is possible to develop a great app that will be popular among an audience that loves music. 


As we wrap up How to create an app like Spotify? Creating an app like Spotify might appear to be a large project, but with the right steps and a bit of creativity, it’s within your reach. Think about the effect your app may want to have. Music fanatics anywhere, tuning in, coming across new tunes, all the way to you. So, what’s preventing you? Ready to create the next huge aspect in track streaming? Your app can be the next hit!



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