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Create App Like WhatsApp | Guide to Building a Messaging App

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Want to create a messenger application like WhatsApp? Well, you are not alone among business owners who are pursuing this business idea. But only a few proceed from considering to developing.  For creating such a project, you need to be aware of WhatsApp’s main functionality like application, technologies behind those functions, and costs for developing such a project

In this article, we’ve described all these points. But before digging into the smallest details, let’s look at the bigger picture to find out whether it’s worth investing in messaging app development and how to create app like WhatsApp.


Why Create app like whatsapp?

Building a Create App Like WhatsApp can be incredibly rewarding. Let’s explore why it’s a great idea.

Growing User Base:

Why are messaging apps so popular? Simple. People want to stay connected. With billions of users worldwide, the demand for chat apps is huge. More users mean more potential for growth and profit. It’s a no-brainer!

Versatile Functionality:

What makes WhatsApp so special? It’s not just about texting. Voice and video calls, file sharing, and group chats make it versatile. Users love having all these features in one app. It’s convenient and practical.

Real-Time Communication:

Why wait when you can chat in real time? Instant messaging is the key. Whether for personal or business use, real-time communication is essential. It makes conversations smooth and immediate. That’s a major draw for users.

End-to-End Encryption:

How important is privacy to you? For most, it’s crucial. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption ensures messages are secure. Only the sender and receiver can read them. In today’s world, data privacy is a top priority.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Can you imagine being restricted to one device? Neither can users. Cross-platform compatibility lets users chat seamlessly across different devices. Whether on iOS, Android, or the web, the experience remains consistent. This flexibility is highly valued.

The development of a Create App Like WhatsApp is a great idea because it addresses a progressive niche with various requirements. The availability of several features, the possibility of real-time interaction, and the top-notch security that these apps provide can explain why these are among the most popular ones. If you’re ready to generate the next big thing?

Key features of a messaging App

Several fundamental aspects define a great messaging app that makes it enjoyable to send messages. Let’s dive into these features:

Authentication and Registration: Every user needs to create an account. This process should be quick and secure.

Instant Messaging: The core of any messaging app. Users should be able to send and receive messages instantly.

Contact Syncing: Seamlessly sync your phone contacts with the app. It makes finding friends easier.

Group Chats: Chatting isn’t just one-on-one. Group chats allow many users to participate in the current conversation.

Voice and Video Calls: Besides texting, users demand clear voice and video calls so that they can connect with friends and family.

End-to-End Encryption: Security is key. This process must be confidential and protected.

Large-file Sharing: It is possible to send any number of photos, videos, or documents of any size.

Emojis and Stickers: Use emojis and stickers to make your communication more diverse and engaging. It provides fun conversations.

Broadcasting: Send a single message to multiple contacts at once. Perfect for announcements.

Read Receipts: Know when your message has been read. This helps keep conversations flowing.

Push Notifications: Stay updated with instant alerts for new messages.

Settings: Customize your app experience. Adjust notifications, themes, and more.

Typing Indicator: See when someone is typing. It reduces the waiting time guesswork.

Status Updates: Share what you’re up to with status updates.

In-App Camera: Capture and share moments directly from the app.

Search: Find past messages or contacts quickly with a search feature.

Location Sharing: Share your location with friends. Great for meetups.

Chat Heads: Keep the conversation going with floating chat heads.

Chat Bubble: Messages appear in chat bubbles, making them easy to follow.

A top-notch messaging app combines these features for a smooth, enjoyable experience.

Advanced features

To make your messaging app stand out, consider adding these advanced features:

Voice Messages: Leave a quick voice note instead of typing. Perfect for when you're on the go.

Disappearing/Self-destructing Messages: Messages that vanish after a set time. Great for sharing sensitive info.

Channels: Create channels for broadcasting messages to large groups. Ideal for communities and businesses.

Multi-Device Support: Access your messages from any device. Syncing across phones, tablets, and computers makes life easier.

QR Code Scanning: Add contacts or join groups by scanning QR codes. Simple and fast.

Payment Integration: Send and receive money directly within the app. Convenient for splitting bills or making quick payments.

Chatbot: Automate responses and provide instant help with a chatbot. Enhance user experience with smart, quick replies.

Scheduled Messages: Plan by scheduling messages to be sent later. Never forget a birthday wish or important reminder again.

GIFs and Animations: Bring conversations to life with GIFs and animated stickers. They add fun and express emotions better.

Photo Editing: Edit and enhance photos before sending them. Add filters, crop, or draw to make your photos perfect.

Interacting with these features can elevate your messaging app, making it more versatile and user-friendly.

How to Create app like WhatsApp:

Creating a successful messaging app is a detailed process. From ideation to maintenance, every step requires careful planning and execution. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Create App Like WhatsApp:


Before diving into development, understand the market. Identify your target audience. What do they need? What features are they missing in current apps? Look at successful apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. What makes them popular? Analyze competitors to find gaps in the market.

  • Market size

    • People prefer messaging applications to SMS, calls, and email clients like Gmail because messengers are more convenient than other communication means. Below we have some numbers that prove that messaging apps are up and running: 
    • ·         Statista reports that In April 2022, WhatsApp had approximately 2.44 billion unique active users worldwide, up 6.4 percent compared to the corresponding month in 2021.
    • ·         The chat apps market will keep up with this overall growth, and by 2025, users will make four out of five mobile connections with a smartphone
    • ·         The messaging apps’ average revenue was $8,7 billion on 2021
    • After considering all the information above, the messaging apps market will continue to grow, and that there is still room for new messaging apps. 
  • Competition

  • But before you create a WhatsApp-like project and enter the messaging applications market, you need to get to know your potential competitors, i.e., other most popular chat apps in 2022 as of right now based on the number of monthly active users.
  • Now, it is time to determine what steps you need to take to create your WhatsApp-like messaging project. 


Once you’ve validated your idea, it’s time to plan.

  • App Platform:

    • Decide whether you want to launch on iOS, Android, or both. Consider your audience's preferences. iOS users might have different expectations compared to Android users.
  • Tech Stack:

    • Choose the right technology stack. For iOS, Swift is popular. For Android, Kotlin or Java works well. Backend services can use Node.js or Ruby on Rails. Don’t forget about databases like MySQL or MongoDB.
  • Hire Mobile App Developers:

    • You need skilled developers. Look for those with experience in messaging apps. Check their portfolios. Consider both in-house and remote teams. Hiring the right talent is crucial.
  • Monetization Strategies:

  • How will you make money? Consider in-app purchases, ads, or subscription models. Each has its pros and cons. Choose the one that aligns with your app's goals and audience.

App Designing

Good design is key. It should be user-friendly and intuitive. Start with wireframes. Outline the basic layout and features. Move to high-fidelity designs. Focus on aesthetics and usability. Test your designs with real users. Get feedback and iterate. Remember, first impressions matter.

App Development

This phase is about bringing your designs to life. With the creative part done, it’s time to get down to business.

In this step of “how to build an app like WhatsApp” we deal with coding. This process can be divided into two different aspects. Namely:

- Front-end development

- Back-end development

During the first part, mobile app developers work on the client side i.e. UI/UX design, and add functionality to the same.

Moving to the latter one, it has more to do with APIs, coding, and connecting the different components.

  • Front-end Development:

    • This is what users interact with. It includes designing the UI, implementing animations, and ensuring a smooth user experience. Tools like React Native or Flutter can be helpful.
  • Back-end Development:

  • This is the backbone of your app. It handles data storage, user authentication, and server-side logic. Ensure your backend is scalable and secure. Use cloud services like AWS or Firebase to manage infrastructure.
  •  Due to the amount of work, its importance, and the complexity of the different technologies, this is the single longest step of developing an app like WhatsApp. For that reason, it is also advised that the client maintain good communication with the development team. In any case, with an app developed, it’s time to go with testing.


Testing is critical. It ensures your app works as intended. Conduct various tests:

App testing is an important process. It doesn’t just ensure the app is as per customer demand, but also takes it up to market standards.

In addition to this, it is mandatory to ensure the app is secure and they are big free before going for deployment. This greatly reduces the chance of getting the app rejected.

Fix any bugs and optimize performance. A well-tested app reduces future issues and keeps users happy.


Ready to launch? Choose your app stores (Google Play, Apple App Store). Prepare your app’s listing. Write a compelling description. Use high-quality screenshots and videos. Set up analytics to track user behavior. Submit your app for review. Once approved, it's live!


Your work doesn’t end with the launch. Regular updates are necessary. Fix bugs, add features, and improve performance. Listen to user feedback. It’s invaluable for making your app better. Keep an eye on analytics. Track how users interact with your app. Identify drop-offs and fix them.


As we wrap up about how to create app like WhatsApp? All discussed all important steps we need to follow during the development process. If you are looking for a development team to answer your questions concerning your business idea, you can rely on us. Contact our business development department to receive a free consultation. 






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